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We are pleased to say that we can restart rides on a limited basis from April - see the Runs List page for details.

Due to continuing COVID lockdown restrictions as we move into 2021, all Club Runs remain cancelled for the time being!


Michael Bedford 1943-2020

Michael Bedford

We are all deeply saddened by news of the death from bowel cancer on 12th Nov of friend and former member of Croydon CTC Michael Bedford. Our thoughts are with his wife Mo at this difficult time.

Most of us know Mike from our annual trip to Dieppe, when we always found him to be very amiable and helpful.

Mike Bedford - An Appreciation by Paul Coan with Roger Chambers and Peter Ashby

Mike Bedford passed away Thursday November 12 from bowel cancer and associated problems leaving behind his wife Mo to whom the Croydon section sends its condolences. Mike had years previously recovered from prostate cancer.

Michael Bedford

He first joined the section in the mid 1980's and participated in the section's inaugural Tour of the Three Counties. He was a regular Audax rider including the longer distances and was also a BCTC and DATC competitor, the then CTC cycle touring competitions. Additionally he would provide transport for CTC events including one memorable visit to Land's End.

Lands End

Roger, Mike, Paul and Peter at Lands End, May 1991.

His assistance was also given to me as the organiser of the British contingent of the Dieppe Raid every June and later he would help our French colleagues with registration of the British riders for the same event, a gesture much appreciated by them.

Mike and Mo

Mike and Mo - Ready to Register British Riders for Dieppe Raid 2014.

Additionally he was a regular participant in the bi-annual exchange visits with our cycling friends in Rouen and would always be an exemplary host during their visits here. The early 1990's saw the beginnings of regular visits to the annual Semaine Federale in France plus other week long cycling holidays organised by various French clubs when as usual he would often provide the transport and arrange the necessary ferry crossings.

Along with Roger Chambers, myself and Mo we often took Bank holiday weekend breaks in France and his organisation and bonhomie would add to the enjoyment.

Mike and Mo Mike and Mo

Dieppe Raid 2002 and 2009.

On moving to Radcliffe on Trent near Nottingham from Coulsdon he involved himself in the local social scene including the French twinning. His cycling slowed somewhat and his intention was to retrofit electric assistance to bikes in order to continue his hobby.

In recent years a weakness in his legs although initially improved with medication, put paid to this plan. Finally some months ago he was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer which had spread to his spine and he returned home for palliative care to face the inevitable during which time he put on a philosophical brave face in particular via his Facebook account.

Mike and Mo

Still Sporting Croydon Colours on the Tissington Trail 2018.

In order to simplify things as much as possible for Mo he disposed of his bikes and cycling memorabilia. He indicated that this was particularly distressing for him, not just because of the enjoyment that these items represented but that fate had forced this upon him.

The section has lost a charming gentleman sometimes colloquially known as "Uncle Mike" who knew how to enjoy life and whose presence would enliven any group.

Further tributes can be found on the Facebook page.

In recent years Mike created an online Croydon CTC Archive of his old photos from which those above have been gleaned.

Due to renewed lockdown all Club Runs have to be cancelled for the time being!

The COVID rules have changed again, with the 3 tier system being introduced. Almost all of us live in a Tier 2 area which means that even though we have ridden to a Tier 1 area we are not permitted to mix households indoors.

With wintry weather rapidly approaching it becomes increasingly difficult to find refreshment venues where 6 of us can congregate outdoors with reasonable shelter from the elements.

For the time being we are suspending the scheduled runs and shall decide on an elevenses venue on a week by week basis and then collectively decide how to proceed from there. Please check the website each week for the proposed elevenses venue.

Any suggestion for elevenses or lunch venues with outdoor shelter and preferably patio heaters would be very welcome!

Due to a lack of clarity in the latest Government COVID rules, we are restricting our runs to groups of 6 for the time being!

As a consequence of these restrictions, we are sadly unable to have a Christmas Lunch this year.

Bob and Greg are currently on an End to End (or LEJOG as it's now more fashionably known), and Greg has sent a couple of progress reports.

They were due to cross into Scotland on Tuesday (15 Sept) and two days previously overnighted in Hawes where they woke up to the following view from the hotel.


Following a rest day in Stirling visiting the castle, they continued north to Pitlochry yesterday (Fri 18 Sept). The views below were taken in the Tay/Tummel Valley overlooking Logierait.



Now they're in the Highlands, Greg's updates are becoming more frequent.

From Pitlochry they continued to Nethy Bridge via the highest cycle path in Scotland at the Pass of Drumochter, from where the waters flow south to the Tay and north to the Spey.


Drumochter Drumochter


I suspect that Greg was the Primoz Roglic to Bob's Tadej Pogacar on the climb to Drumochter!

Hot off the presses, here's Greg's latest update...

We have made it up to the North Coast without a soaking.

The desolate middle was spectacular.

Bob's rear shifter broke just north of Inverness so he is doing the last few days single/two speed. Actually our average speed has gone up but it makes me tired just watching it.

We visited Carrbridge "Home of the Golden Spurtle" in yesterdays sunshine.

I'm hoping we make our final ride tomorrow between the two waves of incoming rain.


Greg Really Doesn't Look so Scary in Real Life!


Being in the North of Scotland they'll be lucky if it's only two waves of incoming rain they'll have to contend with tomorrow!

...and they made it!



Since the easing of lockdown restrictions, some of us have been riding together on an informal basis, but in accordance with the latest advice from Cycling UK HQ that we can now cycle in groups of up to 15 within limitations, formal Club Runs are therefore reinstated from September.

Sadly the first major news of the year, other than unprecedented amounts of rain, is the coronavirus crisis which means that all club runs are cancelled until further notice!

To hopefully cheer us up a bit in these troubling times, Andy has provided the following uplifting tale.

Two Wins in Rapid Succession by Andy Bebington

A few years ago (2015) I had two wins in only a few weeks. The first arose from a survey carried out by Pro Cycling magazine (how much did you spend on kit last year? When do you plan to buy your next bike? What will be your budget for that?) so that they could go to manufacturers and say "advertise with us - these are the readers you'll reach". To induce readers to complete the survey they offered an Orro Oxygen carbon-fibre bike to the winner of a random draw among entrants.

Some months later, having forgotten all about it, I got an e-mail asking for my details; a phishing attempt, I assumed and so I challenged the sender as to why I should release personal data to a person I didn't recognise. After some toing and froing, I spoke to the boss at the magazine and found I'd won the bike…


Andy With His Prizes.

Orro weren't able to supply the bike immediately because their frames were on board a container vessel coming from Taiwan… and then they ran into a timing issue as their staff were tied up preparing for the NEC Birmingham Bike Show… and, eventually, because they recognised that I'd been kept waiting a long time, they upgraded the frame to the Gold version (the next one up) but with the same drive-train, brakes etc (Shimano 105).

It flies! It's a couple of kilos lighter than my Roberts, and although it has zero carrying capacity, I've found myself using it for delivering magazines and the like locally as well as giving it some welly up Featherbed Lane, Chipstead Valley Road, etc...


And a few months later, Cycling Weekly's "hills you should climb" column wrote of a North York Moors climb from near Ampleforth School northwards to the glider school at the top of the hill - a zig-zag route with some serious gradients, the article said. I wrote asking why they'd not taken the road a mile or so to the west, which went straight up the same slope, and was so steep that Liz, my wife physically couldn't push or pull her bike up it - I had to relay both our bikes - on a surface so bad that my feet kept slipping. Bad going up?? I'd hate to try to ride down!! And this was part of NCR1. Madness!

That letter got published but I didn't notice that it was the Star Letter and accordingly was surprised to find a box on the doorstep one day, containing a (proper - Lazer brand) cycle helmet. As I'd just bought myself one, and Liz was debating whether hers was getting a bit old, she nobbled it. Well, the colour clashed with the Orro, anyway…

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