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Tim Wainwright


Tim Wainwright

Long standing club member Tim Wainwright sadly died as the result of a collision with a parked vehicle whilst cycling along the Chipstead Valley on 1st March 2017.

The following tribute was published in Arrivee, the magazine of Audaux UK, of which Tim was joint editor.


A tribute by Mike Stoaling

I first met Tim and Pauline in 1988 when I moved to the south east and joined a Croydon CTC clubrun. I think Tim must have started riding Audax events at about that time as I remember discussing Dorset Coast and some other well known randonees with him. Apart from his passion for cycling, Tim also had a passion for weight training. Indeed he had a small gym set up in his garage which he used regularly throughout the time I knew him, right up to the time of his accident. He would quite often share his training sessions with other cycling colleagues, Chris Burns and, more recently, Mark Green.

Tim certainly caught the Audax bug and his rides included at least one, and I think two, Great Triangles - Dover, Land's End, John o'Groats, Dover. I'm not sure if these went to the far north west corner of Scotland but I do remember that they were about 3000kms and that Tim much preferred the west coast to the return leg on the east coast. Tim also took part in at least one Semaine Federale with Pauline, in Mer.

Tim, together with Pauline, also organised many Audax events, notably the rather challenging Battle and Back 200k. As Tim and Pauline were both vegetarians, their catering kept with that ethos and was some of the best provided on any event. Tim also grew much of his own food in his garden. It was something of a disappointment to me, when I was showing him my new car and extolling its virtues as a bike carrier, that he suggested it would be even better for carrying bags of manure for his garden...

Apart from cycling, Tim's enthusiasms were for photography and for his garden. We've enjoyed the many photos in Arrivée that Tim has taken on Audax events both local and national. It was always a great pleasure to see Tim, camera in hand, at some 'scenic' viewpoint (ie at the steepest hill he could find) on an Audax ride with a cheery smile and a word of encouragement ('this is what you came for…') as he captured the grimace for posterity.

Tim was one of those calm people who never seemed to get flustered, who never seemed to age much or to change and who gave selflessly of his time to Audax and his cycling colleagues. It was all too easy to think that he would be around for ever. He was a great friend and companion and he is a huge loss to our world and particularly to Pauline, long before his time.

Tim Neville Mike

Tim, Neville Chanin and Mike Enjoying a Croydon CTC Christmas Lunch.

Paul Coan Adds;

As Mike Stoaling has already mentioned Tim was a very affable person without a bad word for anyone and always seemed to look on the bright side of life.

He joined the Croydon CTC section just before Mike Stoaling I think and was one of a small group including Chris Burns and Stuart Millington who rode every Sunday in most weathers. These rides were made all the more enjoyable as we were all pretty well matched in both temperament as well as ability.

Tim's forte was always his steady pace.

As Audax was taking off the club rides during summer were generally replaced by audax events with Tim riding the longer 400k and 600k distances along with several PBP successes.

The original 1986 Tour of Three Counties which Tim rode (as shown in the photo below) was extended to 150k and for the final two years of my organisation to 200k - to Battle and Back. According to my memory Tim rode all of these. Tim took over the running of this event in 1994 when I inherited Neville's Dieppe Raid. Tim then went on to make the Battle and Back audax event his own.

Over the past few years I had only unfortunately met up with him at Christmas lunches. A great chap who will be very much missed.

Tim Wainwright

Tim on a Kent Reliability Ride c. 1985-6, Followed by Mike Bedford and Paul.

A tribute by Mark Green

As you may know from Audax cycling events, I have cycled with Tim for many years and we've shared many happy times together.

In 2011 Tim and I photographed the Paris-Brest-Paris in France for Arrivee magazine. In 2013 to my surprise, when I rode London-Edinburgh-London, Tim drove his car on his own all the way to Edinburgh to photograph the event. As the riders cycled past, Tim would cheer words of encouragement to them as he took his photos. I was very surprised in the next issue, Tim kindly put a photo of me on the cover of the Arrivee magazine cycling over Yad Moss.

Tim Wainwright

Tim Leads Mark on the 2007 Paris-Brest-Paris.

Tim cycled the Sicily non-stop 1000km ride with me in 2004 and we also cycled in Majorca and Italy training camps, as well as countless Audax cycling events. Tim was always good company and had many cycling friends. I particularly remember when riding through the night on long AUK rides, when looking at the route sheet if Tim realised the next control stop was a 24-hour petrol station he would always joke with me: "I'm looking forward to a can of cold rice pudding and sitting on a bag of coal!!" and make me laugh, as we did this many times as there was no other place to stop in the middle of the night. We would always look for bus shelters or places to stop in the night, away from the cold. I particularly remember on a long Audax night-ride, Tim and I were both starting to fall asleep with nowhere to stop - in desperation the only place we could find to take shelter from the cold, rainy night was a small phone box! For the rest of the ride, other cyclists would joke with us: "Was that you and Tim asleep in that phone box together?!"

Tim was very considerate and kind to everyone, and was very generous with his time. He would always remember the people he met and had cycled with. He was known in many local coffee shops.

I'm pleased to have known Tim. He taught me so much. I will always have many happy memories of him.

Tim Wainwright

Tim (3rd right) and Mark (extreme right) on the 2007 Cambrian 600.

A tribute by Lesley Wilkinson

I just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings about Tim.

I moved next door to Tim and Pauline 17 years ago. I always used to smile when I went out on a Sunday morning and would wave them off on their bikes. Only to come home at lunchtime to find they had been to Hastings and back!

I would look out of my window and watch Tim in all kinds of weathers go out same days, same time each week.

Tim helped and encouraged me to get my first bike and was always keen to come and support me, camera in hand in any event I had entered.

I can clearly remember being invited out with Tim and Chris one day to try a new route, (all the hills in Surrey I thought at the time) and coming home to lie exhausted on my kitchen floor.

I particularly loved his route to Lullingstone which he would invite me to join him and his friends on.

Tim was a tremendous source of inspiration whilst I was planning my trip to Africa. He sent me the most encouraging emails throughout my trip and clearly loved his journey through Europe with Pauline on a tandem some 30 years ago and he shared these words with me:

'travelling slowly on a bike, meeting local people, restores faith in humanity and made us realise that humans are the same everywhere, with their warmth, hopes and desires.'

I shall greatly miss Tim, but he will remain in my thoughts as I push forward with my bike.

The following piece by Tim is reproduced from Arrivee magazine.






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